Three Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Contact Information


In the event of an emergency, please call Building Management or Security and we will contact 911 to escort the emergency vehicle to the building and ensure proper access to the location of the emergency once on site.

Building Management

Department / Service
Telephone Number
Management Office 704-944-1820
Help Desk 866-789-4343
Security Control Center 704-944-1825
Parking Office 704-944-1830
Leasing Information 704-342-9000
Accounting Office 704-343-4364


Telephone Number
Charlotte Police Department (CPD) 704-336-2352
Charlotte Fire Department (CFD) 704-336-2441

Uptown General Information

Telephone Number
City/County Information 704-336-2040
Charlotte Transit 704-336-3366


Childress Klein
401 South Tryon Street, Suite 170
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Phone: 704-944-1820