Three Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Trash & Recycling

Trash Removal

If you wish to dispose of trash other than that which is in the wastebaskets, please inform housekeeping personnel by marking these items with the green, multilingual "TRASH" signs available upon request from the Management Office. Please DO NOT leave items which are not trash on top of the wastebaskets.

When a considerable amount of trash needs to be discarded, such as boxes from delivery of supplies, furniture or equipment, the tenant is responsible for removing it from the premises. Please use the service elevators to take trash down to the loading dock area. Trash of this nature can be discarded in the dumpster or compactor. Do not place trash or boxes in corridors or elevator lobbies, including the service elevator lobbies. This is a violation of the fire code, and tenants may be fined up to $200 per instance by the Charlotte Fire Department.

Recycling Services

Childress Klein offers recycling services for cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles, and light bulbs to all building tenants. Large or bulky items may incur additional costs for removal, which would be billable to the Tenant. Please contact the Help Desk at 704-944-1820 for more information.