Three Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC


Three Wells Fargo Center is equipped with 21 elevators and 2 escalators. The low-rise elevator bank contains 7 elevators, serving floors 2 through 10. The mid-rise elevator bank consists of elevators 8 through 11 and provides access to floors 10 through 20. The high-rise elevator bank has 5 elevators, numbered 12 through 16, that serve floors 20 through 32. Floors 10 and 20 in the tower provide crossover lobbies between the low and mid-rise and the mid and high-rise respectively.

The escalators on the lobby level provide access to the Mezzanine which is connected to Two Wells Fargo Center via an overstreet bridge. Access to the P7 level of the parking garage is also available on the Mezzanine level.