Three Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Telecom & Data

Tenants are responsible for selecting and scheduling installation of their own telephone services. Please contact your telephone vendor to make arrangements accordingly. Costs for special conduit or electrical requirements, additional telephone outlets, holes in the floor slab or other special work must be paid for by the tenant unless otherwise specified in the lease.  

Tenants are required to notify Childress Klein Properties prior to the commencement of any such installation.  If your vendor requires access to the building electrical or telephone rooms, approval must be obtained in advance and the vendor will be subject to standard security policies and procedures.

All vendors should contact our Engineering Office at 704-944-1620 prior to performing any work. The tenant will be responsible for any damage, fees or other problems caused by its vendors and/or failure to properly notify management and obtain necessary approvals.

Download : Contractor Rules and Regulations (PDF)