Three Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Keys & Locks

In an effort to enhance the security and fire safety of the building occupants, Building Management has developed a master keying system and policy. This policy and system allows the tenant to have mechanical security while simultaneously allowing certain members of the building's maintenance, security, management and cleaning staff to have access to tenant premises in conformance with life safety requirements and the terms of the lease.

At the Tenant's expense, building management will cut all keys and pin all locks in accordance with Tenant's security needs with the exception of those prohibited by Wells Fargo lock policy. Please be aware that due to corporate policy, Property Management no longer installs or issue locks or keys for private offices in spaces where a team member enters a floor with access control or there is perimeter access security.

Any area requiring special security needs beyond that provided by the building master key system must be reviewed and approved by Building Management. Tenant shall not install any locking devices in their suite without permission from Building Management.

All keying is done by our Security Department using a Corbin Russwin master key format. Each Tenant will be provided with keys during initial office construction. Additional keys may be purchased from Building Management for a nominal fee. Please note there is a minimum charge for all key and lock requests.

For your security, the issuance of keys is tightly controlled by Building Management. All keys must be returned to the management office at the time of lease termination or when locks are otherwise replaced.