Three Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Office Security

Tips for Keeping Your Office Safe & Secure

Although Building Management maintains a 24-hour security operation, tenants are ultimately responsible for the security and protection of their offices. Security officers will patrol to verify tenant offices are locked each night, but this does not eliminate the tenant's responsibility to secure offices and follow prudent security measures. We ask that you take these precautionary steps to prevent theft in your offices.

  • Lock all doors when not in your office and upon leaving at the end of each day.
  • Instruct all employees to keep valuables inside locked desks when unattended.
  • Keep laptops and other expensive items off desk tops when unattended OR use cable tie-downs to secure these items.
  • Do not leave valuable articles, including handbags, in unguarded areas, even for brief periods on desks in offices.
  • Thoroughly mix your vault or safe combination lock when closing.
  • Do not leave your vault or safe combination lock in a desk.
  • Notify Security of solicitors or suspicious persons in corridors or restrooms.
  • Take special precautions against pilferage just after opening, during lunch hours, and just before closing, when people may be absent from workstations.
  • Record equipment serial numbers to aid police in recovering property if lost or stolen.
  • Report any security concerns to Security at 704-944-1825 immediately after they occur.